Search for the Alien God

When Tom meets an alien named Jane, he finds they haven’t come to invade, explore, enlighten, or exploit humanity. Instead they have come searching for something that can only be found on Earth — the truth about God. But there’s a problem; hellbound creatures who aren’t limited by normal physics are determined to stop the truth from getting out. Can Tom and the aliens survive and find a way to fulfill their mission?

Striving for accurate science AND accurate theology, this book is a thought-provoking look into what could be involved in the evangelism of space, wrapped up in an adventure filled with daring and humor.

“This is one of the most unique science fiction stories I have ever encountered. Interestingly, it’s a scenario I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. So, I was very excited to discover that someone had actually written a book about it.

We know that God created the entire universe. We know that there are billions of stars and billions of planets. Did God create all of that, only to choose to put life on just one of those planets? Possibly. But what if He chose to put His children on other planets as well? Jesus Christ came to our planet. What would those other people know about the Savior? They would have prophets, we can safely assume. They would have scripture. They would have prophecy. But they would lack a firsthand account of the Savior’s life. They would lack any version of the New Testament.

I’ve always assumed that Christ visited other planets after His resurrection. He did say that He had “other sheep” that would hear His voice. (John 10:16) However, God could just as easily inspire men to design vessels of interstellar travel and go on a pilgrimage to seek the “Alien God.” (Christ, having lived on Earth, would be an alien to them.)

That’s what this story is about. A vessel from the planet Gihon comes to Earth to seek the truth about God. I really liked the theme of how important it is to seek God, and to truly know Him. One of my favorite quotes was on page 35. “Well it amazes US that, of the 100,000 known worlds with intelligent life, God chose to come to Earth and your people aren’t looking for Him at all.” Wow! Are we looking for God in our daily lives? I for one, probably could be a lot better at that.”

– Excerpt from a Goodreads Review

“I have to say really got into this one. I think this is a great book and plan on looking for more from this author!”

– Amazon Reviewer

Illustrators | Sarah Olimpia Carts, Kathryn Flynn, and Madalena Noyes
Editors | Anna Macdonald, Rosemary Reninger, and Vivian D’Alelio