Dangerous Alien Robot

Raven and her crew of near-angelic robots prepare to invade Hell itself in this sequel to Search for the Alien God. When the powerful robot queen Raven is taken prisoner by Satan himself, this is just the beginning of ever-escalating action between the two forces. Can Raven and her crew survive the onslaught?

In this new book, the author continues to explore theological questions of destiny and character while presenting a dramatic look at the Eden story for Raven’s kind. Science, dancing, and a spaceship being colored with magic markers will keep the reader entertained along the way.

I received this book as a first read. It was a surprisingly fun read. The book is funny and thought-provoking. I like that the robots have a good and almost deadpan sense of humor and their own sense of morality and values. It’s amusing that they judge scifi aliens and robots and reference old movies like “Forbidden Planet” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Satan was funny and pragmatic. Humans were predictable in their actions which made it fun to see what lengths aliens would have to go to in order to prove to humankind that they were friendly. It was also amusing to see the disdain and annoyance the robots had for human misgivings. I also enjoyed the theological aspects of the book — robots claiming they wouldn’t have messed up in Eden and Protestants bitter that robots ha[ve] chosen to spread Catholicism. This is a smart and delightful read that will make you question your own beliefs both religious and moral. It can be enjoyed by religious and secular folks alike and is just a great, cheeky scifi romp.

Goodreads Reviewer

Illustrators | Sarah Olimpia Carts, Kathryn Flynn, and Madalena Noyes
Editors | Anna Macdonald, Rosemary Reninger, and Vivian D’Alelio