Search for the Alien God: Complete Trilogy

Space is unimaginably vast, but is it Godless? What if we are on a chosen world, and God only came to Earth? Perhaps what happened here is happening out in deep space; burning bush stories on every other inhabited world could send people here to get the truth of existence and eternity.

For Andromeda, that flight would be a round trip at light speed of 4 million years. Surely, only an unfair God would maroon them away from the truth, so in fairness, He might give them the technology to abrogate physics. Perhaps they’d sent robots here first, just as we did on Mars… robots that could bend physics, like the angels and demons always have? Could the demons ever allow aliens or their robots to leave Earth with the truth of God?

That would be a battle the demons couldn’t lose. But alien robots that could bend physics would defend themselves. They could build and army. They could even invade Hell.

So perhaps it’s really true; deep space may be full of people incredibly far from us, who are being driven to come here by burning bush stories on their own distant worlds. They might be instructed as follows: “Like Noah, you must build a ship, like the Magi, you must follow a star, and just as the Jews were a chosen people, the Earth is a chosen world.”

We remain true to knowable physics and accurate theology throughout. You will never have read an idea like this before in Science Fiction, and amazingly, it’s not impossible that it could be partly true.

Captain Kirk once asked: “What does God need with a starship?” Is there a place for robots and starships in doing God’s work? David Flynn takes us on a sci-fi tour de force that hurtles through deep space taking us from the highest Heaven to the pits of Hell, a sci-fi parable of courage, duty, love and sacrifice told by a bevy of happy, well adjusted robots with a smattering of rock-and-roll sprinkled in for flavor. The Search trilogy tells us just how a starship can be useful to God and leaves us excited and changed in the process.

– Fr. M. Paul Richardson, Catholic Diocese of Arlington

Illustrators | Sarah Olimpia Carts, Kathryn Flynn, and Madalena Noyes
Editors | Anna Macdonald, Rosemary Reninger, and Vivian D’Aleliold