Battle of the Queens

This is the third book in the Search for the Alien God series. It is the story of the evangelization of space by a huge robot force that is acting on behalf of mankind and commissioned by God Himself. That commission was given to Raven, the powerful robot queen who must face fantastic adversity, other robots, demons, and the vastness of space to complete a seemingly impossible mission. Protagonist Ostara, the Queen of Hell, is Raven’s greatest adversary. Heaven’s Queen, the Virgin Mary, also plays a central role in assisting Raven in times of greatest need. The book merges current cosmology with theology, giving equal weight to both.

“[T]his was a really entertaining fast-paced sic fi thriller combining the struggle between good and evil not only in our individual souls but also writ large across the galaxy. Highly recommended to those who wonder what Catholic theology is actually about.”

Goodreads Reviewer

Illustrators | Sarah Olimpia Carts, Kathryn Flynn, and Madalena Noyes
Editors | Anna Macdonald, Rosemary Reninger, and Vivian D’Alelio