Search for the Alien God: Complete Trilogy

When Tom meets an alien named Jane, he finds they haven't come to invade, explore, enlighten, or exploit humanity. Instead they have come searching for something that can only be found on Earth - the truth about God. But there's a problem; Hellbound creatures who aren't limited by normal physics are determined to stop the truth from getting out. Can Tom and the aliens survive and find a way to fulfill their mission? Striving for accurate science AND accurate theology, this book is a thought-provoking look into what could be involved in the evangelism of space, wrapped up in an adventure filled with daring and humor.

The Other Magi

Alta is a beautiful alien robot, who discovers a burning bush that is not consumed by the flame. A voice speaks to her from within. Alta's world has resolved every question of physics. Still, for any such civilization, one last question remains... The voice tells her that to get the answer, a team from her world must embark on a dangerous trip of discovery across deep space. This is the prequel to Search for the Alien God series.


This is the final book in the series. In this volume, The Rs mission brings them to K452b to confront a far more numerous robotic enemy, the GORDs. They discover another race of Rs there that are different from themselves. The Ts have evolved into a superior form that takes residence at Aurora, which is the end point of all technological advancement. By divine assistance, they get the clearest vision of Heaven and Hell yet. This includes the economies of suffering in Hell and reward in Heaven. From this flows an expansion of their divine commission. That commission requires them to build an expeditionary force large enough to conquer Hell in an all-out siege.

The Author

David Flynn is an author who has a strong background in science and theology/philosophy, with masters degrees in both Computer Science and Catechetics.

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