The Other Magi (Prequel)

Alta is a beautiful alien robot, who discovers a burning bush that is not consumed by the flame. A voice speaks to her from within. Alta’s world has resolved every question of physics. Still, for any such civilization, one last question remains … The voice tells her that to get the answer, a team from her world must embark on a dangerous trip of discovery across deep space. This is the prequel to Search for the Alien God series.

I guess being the prequel, that this is really the first part of the story of the Search for the Alien God trilogy. If you are a fan of Star Trek and science fiction, in particular, you will like this novel. The material is well-written and the author does an excellent job of explaining the theology and the philosophy points in the story and their relation to the Catholic faith. Humans and robots have interactions, celestial, mundane, and extraordinary — but everything works out and together in the end in setting up the trilogy of books that preceded this one. The question of “What Does God Need With A Starship” gets its origins here. I highly recommend this book.”

– Amazon Reviewer

Illustrators | Sarah Olimpia Carts, Kathryn Flynn, and Madalena Noyes
Editors | Anna Macdonald, Rosemary Reninger, and Vivian D’Alelio